Birth of the Nation: The First Federal Congress 1789-1791

Acknowledgments & List of Sources

The First Federal Congress Project wishes to express appreciation to the following organizations and individuals:


American Antiquarian Society

Kim Baer, Pennsylvania Bar Association

Boston Public Library

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Clements Library, University of Michigan
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Connecticut State Library

Corcoran Gallery of Art

Cornell University Library

Dartmouth College Library

Duke University Libraries

Dyer Library/Saco Museum

Harvard University Collection

Independence National Historical Park
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Indiana Historical Society

Richard H. Kohn, George Curtis, and Kenneth R. Bowling

Library Company of Philadelphia
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Library of Congress
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Lilly Library, Indiana University

Maine Historical Society

Maryland Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society
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National Archives
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National Gallery of Art

National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
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New-York Historical Society
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New York Public Library

New York Society Library
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Peabody Essex Museum
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Philadelphia History Museum

Princeton University Library

South Carolina Historical Society

Swem Library, College of William and Mary
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United States Supreme Court
Wisconsin Historical Society
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Yale University Art Gallery
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