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The First Federal Congress

Letter of Sen. Robert Morris of Pennsylvania to Governeur Morris

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Sen. Robert Morris of Pennsylvania to Governeur Morris, March 4, 1789
of the Cornell University Library)

Text transcript of the letter.

This letter, written on the day established for the first meeting of the Congress, sets the scene as the members began to gather in New York City. Morris's concern that the "public expectation seems to be so highly wound up that I think disappointment must inevitably follow after a while, nothwithstanding that I believe there will be inclination and abilities in the two houses to do every thing that reasonable and sensible men can promise to themselves, but you know well how impossible it is for public measures to keep pace with the sanguine desires of the interested, the ignorant, and the inconsiderate parts of the Community." eloquently expressed the challenge that faced the members of the new Congress.

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