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Funding the National Debt
Letter of Rep. Theodorick Bland, Part 1 Part 2
Rep. Theodorick Bland of Virginia to
[St. George Tucker?], March 6, 1790
(Courtesy of the Swem Library, College of William and Mary)

Letter of Rep. Aedanus Burke to Samuel Bryan
Rep. Aedanus Burke of South Carolina to Samuel Bryan, March 3, 1790
(Courtesy of the National Archives)

Two Antifederalist members of Congress express their concerns about Hamilton's proposals. Bland, an advocate for strong states, believed Hamilton's fiscal proposals would cripple the states: "Absorption of revenue will certainly follow Assumption of debt--so that our state governments will have little else to do than eat drinke and be merry." Bland actually voted for assumption in the early stages of the debate, but died before the final roll call. Burke believed Hamilton's policies "will add strength and power to that faction that brought about the late 2d revolution [the Federal Constitution], and it will make their princely fortunes."

Full text transcript of Rep. Bland's letter.

Full text transcript of Rep. Burke's letter.

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