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Artist's Corner

“Kaleidoscope,” Michel Doret

While living in France 10 years ago, Michel Doret, MPhil ’80, PhD ’82, discovered a new art philosophy he called “primitive surrealism of total art.” After returning to the United States, Doret continues to develop his audio-visual approach to expression, producing works that define and illustrate his style in local and international “virtual galleries.” His experiments in digital manipulation and his new art theory, “spontaneism,” have been featured in exhibitions in Spain, France, Cuba, and across the United States.

The work of Josephine Haden, MA ’72, was showcased at the Vero Beach Museum of Art in Vero Beach, Fla., from October to November in the group exhibition, “Collector’s Choice.” In Atlanta, Trinity Gallery included Haden’s work in “The New Collection,” an exhibition that featured artists recently signed to the gallery. In Miami, the ARTSPACE Virginia Miller Galleries displayed her work in the group exhibition “Landscapes.”

“Distant Forces,” Josephine Haden

NASA geophysicist Peter Wasilewski, BS ’62, MS ’65, has always been fascinated with ice—an interest that led to an expedition to Antarctica and to his creation of the History of Winter camp in Lake Placid, N.Y. He shared Antarctic adventures with fellow alumni in the first cover story of GW Magazine in 1990. Now, Wasilewski explores the art world with “Frizion,” a new creative medium that is the “fusion of ‘frozen’ and ‘vision.’” Using ice that is manipulated and viewed through polarized light, Wasilewski forms and shapes the ice crystals and designs surreal landscapes of patterns that are converted into striking digital images. More
information can be found at

Malcolm Wright, MFA ’67, was recognized in June by the Vermont Arts Council with the 2003 Walter Cerf Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Arts. The longtime Marlboro, Vt., resident is a sculptor and ceramicist who has owned the Turnpike Road Pottery Studio for more than 30 years.

“Aurora Nocturne,” Peter Wasilewski

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