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Alumni Aid Students

This spring, Public Interest staff members Suzanne Hill, Anna Marshall, and Emily Shubkagel met with 11 alumni and three clinical faculty members at four local lunches to strengthen communication between public interest alumni and the Career Development Office. Topics of discussion include how alumni can become career advisers and how the office can connect alumni with students for special legal projects. More lunches are planned for the summer, and a breakfast will be held for public interest alumni in the fall. If you have not been contacted in the past and are interested in learning more about the CDO, please contact Hill or Marshall at 202-994-7340 or e-mail or

Shapiro Fellowships

For the ninth year, 3L Shapiro Public Service Fellowships have been awarded to GW Law students. These fellowships are earmarked for 3Ls who perform public interest work during the school year at local organizations. Three students, Chris Laskowski, Jennifer McLaughlin, and Maggie Gandy, were awarded fellowships in the form of $10,000 in tuition remission each, for work done at the Natural Resources Defense Council, The Children’s Law Center, and Women Empowered Against Violence. There are now sufficient funds to increase both the number of fellowships awarded and the amount of each fellowship for the next three years. In the fall, the committee will award five fellowships annually, each for $15,000 in tuition remission.

Summer Grants Program

Each year, the Law School offers numerous summer grants to students engaged in public interest work; this is additional funding above and beyond the Equal Justice Foundation fundraising. This year, summer subsidies increased more than 20 percent. Additionally, there were a record number of applicants this year. GW Law’s Equal Justice Foundation student group coordinated its annual auction and hit a record total revenue and was able to provide 10 students with funding for the summer.

Giving Back to LRAP

Many alumni are Loan Reimbursement Assistance Program award recipients. The Class of 2005 focused its class gift campaign on supporting LRAP. In past years, there has been a slight shortfall in being able to fulfill all the requests received for loan forgiveness. To that end, GW Law’s Equal Justice Foundation student group sponsored its second Race for Justice this March and raised another $2,000 for LRAP.

Students up Pro Bono Work

The Law School’s Pro Bono Program encourages students to engage in legal-related volunteer services with public interest organizations in the D.C. community. During the 2003-04 academic year, students performed almost 3,000 hours of pro bono legal services. Anna Marshall, pro bono liaison, is continually looking to expand the number of opportunities and organizations for students to perform volunteer legal services. If you work at an organization that may be interested in student assistance, please contact her at or 202-994-7340.

Working for Justice

Congratulations to Dena Sher, a recent graduate who was selected to be an Equal Justice Works Fellow.

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