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By David Bruce Smith, BA '79

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In Memoriam

Frances H. Howard,
BA ’37, MA ’41

Sept. 23, 2002
Washington, D.C.

John Clifton Lucas Jr.,
MD ’48

Oct. 25, 2002
Sparta, N.J.

Milton Toporek,
MA ’48

Sept. 3, 2002
Sarasota, Fla.

Paul Chernuchin,
MA ’52

July 27, 2002
New York, N.Y.

Robert S. Perry,
BA ’58

Sept. 15, 2002
Mount Pleasant, S.C.

George Mueller,
MS ’65, MS ’72

July 28, 2002
Alexandria, Va.

Ardes Blumstein,
MFA ’71

Sept. 4, 2002
St. Paul, Minn.

Susan Seladones,
BA ’79

July 8, 2002
Washington, D.C.

Cherie Anuta Lynch Hairston, MA ’82
Sept. 23, 2002
McLean, Va.

Cindy Dimenstein,
BA ’83

Aug. 24, 2002
Westport, Conn.

Emily Lynch Gomez,
MA ’89

July 29, 2002
Arlington, Va.

Yan Xu,
MBA ’00

May 7, 2002
Beijing, China

Faculty and Staff

Charles Edward Diehl,
former GW vice president and treasurer emeritus
Aug. 20, 2002
McLean, Va.

Abba Eban, Welling Professor, Elliott School of International Affairs
Nov. 17, 2002

Dennis H. Holmes, professor of education
Dec. 20,2002

Calvin Linton,
BA ’35,
emeritus professor of English Literature and former dean of Columbia College
July 19, 2002
Bethesda, Md.

Kevin McAnally,
BA ’92,
former administrator in the office of the dean
August 3, 2002
Westminster, Md.

Carolyn Rose,
MA ’76,
professor of anthropology
Aug. 29, 2002
Chevy Chase, Md.

Laszlo Tauber, honorary trustee and honorary professor of Neurological surgery
July 28, 2002
Potomac, Md.

Helen B. Yakobson, professor emeritus of Russian
Dec. 4, 2002


Everett H. Bellows, BA '39, MA '41, Hon. '96
April 10, 2003
Arlington, Va.

Jin Ahn Cho,
MBA ’81

Jan. 5, 2003
Potomac, Md.