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Theodorick Bland to St. George Tucker?, 6 March 1790

New York March 6th 1790

My dear Sr.

      I was yesterday favord with your agreeable letter enclosing two for the Boys which I deliverd to them–I have the Satisfaction to inform you they are both well–l am myself Just risen from a fit of the Gout which attacked me a day or two before the atty. Genl. left this Place, and exerted its utmost violence on my hands feel Knees and Elbows for about ten days it has however spared my head–and I thank God has left that in a Better Situation than it has been for twelve months preceeding–so that it is now more than four weeks since 1 have been obliged to bleed or Cup–Thus do I begin to entertain hopes that I shall again enjoy good health–thus much for myself–The federal Councils move with a Slow and Cautious Step–but a Politician of no great depth may easily see what is likely to be the Issue of the Fiscal arrangements of the Present System–Absorption of revenue will Certainly follow Assumption of debt–so that our State governments will have little else to do than to eat drink and be merry–all this I think I foresaw would be the case for how are states to be managed who have not nor ever will make any exertions to pay the debts contracted in a common cause–while the Citizens of others are taxd up to the teeth for that purpose–again Consolidation follows power–power has been given with a liberal hand–how then is consolidation to be with held--some feeble attempts to keep it back may now be made by those who gave the power–but I see tis in vain it may be a sort of apology for the moments of Liberality but what avails it–l see I must either go with the tide of Power or become again a Rebel–which is the best at my time of life? You wish to have the secretary’s Budget–it is too large to enclose in a paper letter–and I have only one which is my Text Book in Congress–But by this time the Atty. Genl. & Mr. Blair are arrived and they carried each a copy with them–the Second or Subsidiary Budget is come out to Encompass the Assumption and fundg. of the State debts of this there were no more copies Struck but sufficient for the members of both houses–it consists of additional Iniposts on Pepper Salt Rum Wine Sugar Melasses &c. &c. to a little more than one milhion–I have enclosed yu the last Paper–tis but a Barren one but may be Interesting to you as you will see the roll of the Regt. of Lawyers enlisted to serve at the federal Bar–I have written an Answer to Mr. Wickham the Lawyer–1 wish you wd. ask him to let you look at it–if any thing is wanting–1 shd. be glad you wd. point out it to him, which as a party to the Suit I think you may do consistent with yr. Character as a Judge–my love to the Boys & Girls and believe me to be yr.

affecte. Friend & Sert.
Theodk. Bland

P.S. we are told her that poor Grayson is so ill on the road that his life is despaird of–shd. he die–l mean to become a Candidate to be his Successor in the Senate–if you can give me a lift with your Honble. Friends in the Executive–Shd. that event take place I shall Esteem it a favor--but do not mention this Subject unless the Event shd. actually take place.


(Courtesy of the Swem Library, College of William and Mary)

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