UPC Related Projects

The UPC working group at the High Performance Computing Lab (HPCL) , GWU is involved in a number of efforts: UPC specification, UPC testing strategies, UPC documentation, testing suites, UPC benchmarking, and UPC collective and Parallel I/O specification.


The goal of the UPC effort at LBL and UC Berkely is to build portable, high performance implementations of UPC for large-scale multiprocessors, PC clusters, and clusters of shared memory multiprocessors. There are three major components to this effort: lightweight communication, compilation techniques for explicitly parallel languages, application benchmarks.


MTU projects include the recent release of the MuPC run time system for UPC as well as collective specification development, memory model research, programmability studies, and test suite development.


The GCC UPC toolset provides a compilation and execution environment for programs written in the UPC. The GCC UPC compiler extends the capabilities of the GNU GCC compiler. The GCC UPC compiler is implemented as a C Language dialect translator, in a fashion similar to the implementation of the GNU Objective C compiler.


Researchers at the University of Florida are currently involved in the research and development of a next-generation performance analysis tool supporting UPC. This tool will facilitate users in identifying bottlenecks in their programs and will serve as a testbed for advanced analysis techniques aimed at increasing programmer productivity.


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