Tutorials on Cybernetics
by Stuart A. Umpleby

Fundamentals and History of Cybernetics:
Development of the Theory of Complex Adaptive Systems

Presented in Orlando, FL, July 2006

1 A History of the Cybernetics Movement in the United States   (powerpoint) (article) (video)
2 First Order Cybernetics: Regulation and Self-Organization   (powerpoint) (video)
3 Second Order Cybernetics: Cognition and Self-Reference (powerpoint) (video)
4 Social Cybernetics: Reflexivity and Social Change   (powerpoint) (video)
5 Exercises (PDF)
6 Abstract and Biography (abstract)

For a 25 minute slide show on the History and Development of Cybernetics, see this page.

Stuart Umpleby was interviewed about cybernetics by Dr. Katherine Albrecht for her radio show during the IEEE conference in Boston, MA, June 26, 2014.

Part 1 audio   Part 2 audio   Photo

For a 15 minute radio interview with Stuart Umpleby about Cybernetics (7/8/2010), go here.

Management Cybernetics:
Approaches to Creating a Holistic View of Management
Presented in Orlando, FL, July 2007
1 Quality Improvement and the Viable System Model (powerpoint)
2 Interactive Planning and Group Facilitation Methods (powerpoint)
3 System Dynamics and Causal Influence Diagrams (powerpoint)
4 Some additional theorists and the nature of knowledge of management (powerpoint)
5 Abstract and Biography (abstract)