Academic Globalization

by Stuart A. Umpleby
Papers and presentations


Transforming the Global University System into a Resource for Social Improvement (2003) (paper)
2. A Global University for A Global Village (2007) (paper)
3. Academic Globalization: The Growth of International Collaboration in Education and Research (2007)

(abstract) (slides) (discussion)

4. Academic Globalization: Results of a Participatory Strategic Planning Exercise (2007) (paper)
5. Adopting Service Learning in Universities around the World (2008) (paper)
6. A website on service learning in a School of Business
7 Discussions of Academic Globalization (2008) (part1) (part2)




For more on globalization see this lecture (about 2006) by Thomas Friedman on his book "The World is Flat"




(link for video)