Flowers of Silk and Gold Introduction
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Welcome to Teacher Source, an online educational component to the Flowers of Silk and Gold: Four Centuries of Ottoman Embroidery exhibition at The Textile Museum.

The Textile Museum offers a unique opportunity to use textiles as a window into diverse cultures allowing for conversations, lessons, and activities on the environment, the economy, the traditions and the lifestyles of peoples around the world.

The Flowers of Silk and Gold: Four Centuries of Ottoman Embroidery website allows you and your students to learn about the history, geography, and daily life in the Ottoman Empire by looking at this colorful and intricate art.

The Textile Learning Center Teacher Source is best used in conjunction with a visit to The Textile Museum. However it may also be used in the classroom with supplementary materials if a visit to the Museum is not possible.

Teacher Source has been developed for use with middle to high school students. You know your students best so please adapt these lesson plans to fit your own classroom.

Teacher Source Contents:

  • Background Important reading on The Textile Museum, the Ottoman Empire, and Ottoman embroidery to be used in conjunction with the lesson plans.

  • Lesson Plans Three lesson plans developed to assist students in understanding the role textiles can play in learning about cultures.

  • Resources Books of interest to learn more about textiles, the Ottoman Empire, and embroidery.

Scheduling a Tour:
To find out more about scheduling a tour, please visit our Student and Teacher Resources

Ordering Slides:
Slides of select objects in the exhibition may be ordered free of charge for use in the classroom. They are integral to the lesson plans if you are unable to visit the Museum. To order slides email

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