summer program for women in mathematics

17th reunion 

Thursday, Jan 9, 2016

1:00- 3:00 pm
Room 3B, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle


Welcome by Professor Murli M. Gupta, Director, SPWM

Nineteen years of Summer Program for Women in Mathematics


We have had nineteen years of continuously running this summer program with almost 300 undergraduates who came to Washington, DC for a unique experience which probably changed their life’s plans—hopefully for the better. We have helped increase the number of women in mathematics graduate schools as well as increase the number of women in academia, industry and government. When we started this series of summer programs in 1995, we used to hear from undergraduates that they did not know much about possible career options and were grateful to know that there are careers for professional mathematicians other than high school and college teaching. Also, there were few role models for women in mathematics. This situation has improved tremendously in the recent years and our recent participants find that they have many role models, many of whom are our former program participants. Our participants tell us that they are also more aware of the variety of career options.


Shared Experiences, Follow-up, Networking


NSA advised us a couple of years ago that they are unable to fully fund our summer program due to their own funding cuts and sequester. We have been unable to find an alternate funding source and are unable to operate with 1/3 funding that might be available from NSA. Suggestions on alternate funding sources are very welcome.


We had a continuous run for 19 years (1995-2013).



For further information, please contact the program director:


Professor Murli M. Gupta
Mathematics Department (Monroe 240) 
2115 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20052 
Telephone: 202-994-4857 
FAX: 202-994-6760