Summer Program for Women in Mathematics
 Panel discussions (SPWM)

We hold several panel discussions to address various issues associated with the mathematics community, including careers, the job market, and graduate schools. Through these panels, the participants were able to obtain a wealth of information on career options, networking, graduate schools, the job market, and gender issues.

In 1995, we had three panel discussions, each with one or more invited guest experts. Among the guest panelists were Leslie Gruis of the National Security Agency, Rachelle Heller of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the George Washington University, Allyn Jackson of the American Mathematical Society, and Jennifer Zito of the Center for Computing Science.

In each of the succeeding years, we have had two or three panel discussions, each with several invited guest experts. Topics of the panels vary from year to year though we attempt to cover the issues of career options, networking, graduate schools and the job market. In 2010, we had two panel discussions on academic and non-academic employment, and two sessions on graduate schools and the recent changes in the admissions process.


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