Summer Program for Women in Mathematics
June 27, 2009 to August 1, 2009


The George Washington University Summer Program for Women in Mathematics (SPWM) is a five-week intensive program for mathematically- talented undergraduate women who are completing their junior year and may be contemplating graduate study in the mathematical sciences. Goals of this program are to communicate an enthusiasm for mathematics, to develop research skills, to cultivate mathematical self-confidence and independence, and to promote success in graduate school.

  • ELIGIBILITY. Applicants must be US citizen or permanent resident undergraduate women at a US university or college, who are completing their junior year, or equivalent, and have mathematical experience beyond the typical first courses in calculus and linear algebra.
  • AWARD. Sixteen women will be selected. Each will receive a travel allowance, campus room and board, and a stipend of $1,750.
  • PROGRAM. SPWM will offer a number of seminars led by active research mathematicians, with the assistance of graduate students. The seminars will be organized to enable the students to obtain a deep understanding of basic concepts in several areas of mathematics, to learn how to do independent work, and to gain experience in expressing mathematical ideas orally and in writing. No course credits or grades will be given. There will be panel discussions on graduate schools, career opportunities, and the job market. Weekly field trips will be organized to facilities of mathematical interest around the Washington area.

Send your application so as to reach us by February 27, 2009 for full consideration.

Applications are accepted only by mail. Application forms may be obtained from the director or may be downloaded from the program homepage. Early applications are encouraged.

For further information, please contact the director:  

Professor Murli M. Gupta
Mathematics Department (Monroe 240) 
2115 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20052 
Telephone: 202-994-4857 
FAX: 202-994-6760