Events — 2008

The Space Policy Insitute Presents a Symposium on

Space Policy in Transition

December 9, 2008

Symposium Informal Notes

Scott Pace, Director of Space Policy Institute, Opening and closing presentation charts

Chris Williams, Key questions for the panelist and audience .

William Jeffrey, President and CEO HRL Laboratories, LLC - Government and Innovation: Measuring the Impact


Workshop on Trans-Atlantic Issues in Earth Observations Law, Policy, and Commercial Initiatives

24 November 2008

Sponsor: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, and The George Washington University.

Workshop agenda

Dr. Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd: PPP between DLR and Infoterra The SatDSiG-German Satellite Data Security Act

Wolfgang Biedermann: RapidEye AG: A global Geo-Information Service Provider

Gunter Schreier: TerraSARand German Contributionsto theGMES Programme

JoergF. Herrmann: SpaceRadar Services with TerraSAR-X/ TanDEM-X , TerraSAR-X Services

Robert Ford: Trans-Atlantic Cooperation on Outer Space Issues

Tom Cecere: High Resolution Land Remote Sensing Applications


Space Policy Institute at the National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board Fourth Meeting

October 16th, 2008

Dr. Scott Pace presented "Future GPS & Free Services"at the National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board Fourth Meeting. Dr. Pace's slides, can be found here. For more information about the meeting agenda, click here.

Space Policy Institute at the seminar "The Pandas in Orbit: China's Space Challenge "

October 8th, 2008

Dr. Scott Pace, was invited to present "China's Human Spaceflight Program: Achievements and Prospects " at the Seminar " Pandas in Orbit: China's Space Challenge ". In his presentation, Dr.Pace made a detailed analysis on Chinese Human Spaceflight Capabilities.


Space Policy Institute Hosts Dr. Stephen Hawking

April 21, 2008

The Space Policy Institute co-hosted with Lockheed Martin and NASA, a lecture by world-renowned Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University and his daughter Lucy Hawking on "Why Go Into Space?" This was the third in a series of lectures commemorating NASA's fifty years of operations. The lecture took place in the Morton Auditorium on the GW campus and was attended by over 250 people, including NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale and GW President Steven Knapp. It was televised live by C-Span and NASA Television and received wide media coverage.

For a transcript and video of the lecture, click here.


Dr. John M. Logsdon Co-Authors Tribute to Arthur C. Clarke

Professor Emeritus John M. Logsdon and SPI Faculty Associate Joseph Pelton co-authored a remembrance of author and futurist Arthur C. Clarke, who passed away on March 19, 2008, that appeared in the April 11 edition of Science magazine. To see the tribute, click here.


Space Policy Institute and European Space Policy Institute to Work Together on Analysis of Trans-Atlantic Space Relations

The Space Policy Institute and the Vienna-based European Space Policy Institute announced on February 25 their intent to collaborate on studies and other activities related to trans-Atlantic space relationships. As the only two think tanks in the world focused solely on space issues, the two organizations agree that trans-Atlantic space relations are at an important juncture. There is a rare window of opportunity to reinvigorate the oldest alliance in space and to break new ground in trans-Atlantic space cooperation. If there is to be a revitalization and enhancement of the trans-Atlantic space relationship, there are a number of pressing issues that should be addressed. It is the intent of the European Space Policy Institute and the Space Policy Institute to work together to the fullest extent feasible in addressing these issues.

As an initial step in their collaboration, the two Institutes have prepared a joint memorandum discussing the past and current character of trans-Atlantic space relationships and suggesting several specific areas for initial collaboration.

To view a copy of this memorandum, click here.
For more information on the European Space Policy Institute, click here


Essays Published on "Collective Security in Space: Asian Perspectives"

On April 23-24, 2007, the Space Policy Institute, in collaboration with the Tokyo-based Research Institute for Peace and Security and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies of the Monterey Institute for International Studies, convened a workshop on "Collective Security in Space" in Tokyo. This was the first multilateral discussion of space security issues held in Japan, and perhaps in the Asia-Pacific region. Speakers at the workshop came from Malaysia, Australia, India, China, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. The papers resulting from this workshop have now been published as John M. Logsdon and James Clay Moltz, eds., Collective Security in Space: Asian Perspectives.

This publication is a complement to the January 2007 book Collective Security in Space: European Perspectives.

To view the table of contents of that publication, click here.

To download an electronic copy of the earlier publication, click here


Space Policy Insititute Hosts a Workshop on

The State of Space Security

January 24, 2008

The Space Policy Institute, in partnership with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, and the Secure World Foundation hosted a January 24 workshop on "The State of Space Security." A diverse audience of approximately 150 persons heard a full day of presentations and discussions aimed at providing an overview of recent specific positive steps towards collective space security, defined as secure and sustainable access to and use of outer space in accordance with international laws and treaties, free from threat of disruption. Financial support for the workshops was provided by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, with additional contributions from the Secure World Foundation, the Ploughshares Fund, and Ball Aerospace.

For a summary of the workshop click here.

Click here to see the agenda

Welcoming Remarks
John M. Logsdon, Director, Space Policy Institute
Leonard (Sandy) Spector, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Cynda Collins Arsenault, Secure World Foundation

Keynote Address
Gerard Brachet, Chair, United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (Click here to view presentation)

Perspectives on Space Security
Evolving U.S. Perspectives on Space Security - James Clay Moltz, Naval Postgraduate School (Click here to view presentation)

Evolving European Perspectives on Space Security - Xavier Pasco, Foundation for Strategic Research, France (Click here to view presentation)

Evolving Asian Perspectives on Space Security - Kazuto Suzuki, University of Tsukuba, Japan (Click here to view presentation)
Public Attitudes towards Space Security - Nancy Gallagher, Center for International and Security Studies, University of Maryland (Click here to view presentation)

New Directions in the U.S. Approach to Space Security
Ambassador Donald A. Mahley Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Threat Reduction, Export Controls and Negotiations Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation Department of State ( Click here to view remarks)

Enhancing Space Situational Awareness
Richard DalBello, Intelsat (Click here to view presentation)
Joseph Rouge, Director, National Security Space Office (Click here to view presentation)
General(ret.) Bernard Molard, Military Adviser, EADS Astrium Space (Click here to view General Molard's Remarks)

Managing Space Traffic
Kai-Uwe Schrogl, Director, European Space Policy Institute (Click here to view presentation)
Brian Weeden and Ben Basely-Walker, Secure World Foundation (Click here to view Ben Basely-Walker's presentation.) (Click here to view Brian Weeden's presentation)

Closing Remarks - What about Space Weapons?
John M. Logsdon, Director, Space Policy Institute


Space Policy Insititute Hosts a Workshop on

Space Weather, Aviation and Spaceflight

January 10-11, 2008

Workshop Slides:

Modeling Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) Presentation
by Spiro K. Antiochos, Naval Research Laboratory

Space Weather Forecasts for Civil Aviation & Spaceflight Presentation
by Bill Murtagh, NOAA Space Environment Center, Boulder, Colorado

NSF Space Weather Research Presentation
by Bob Robinson, Upper Atmosphere Research Section

Progress on NASA NAIRAS Model Development Presentation
by Christopher J. Mertens, John W. Wilson, Steve R. Blattnig, Brian T. Kress, John W. Norbury, Michael J. Wiltberger, Stan C. Solomon, W. Kent Tobiska, Joseph Kunches, Barbara Grajewski, and John J. Murray

Space Weather Effects on WAAS Presentation
by Patricia Doherty, Institute for Scientific Research, Boston College

April/May 1998 Interplanetary Events Image
by Jeffrey Hughes, Boston University

Military Space Weather Forecasts Presentation
by Mr. Jerry L. Sanders Space Weather Requirements Manager, US Air Force

HF Data Link and the effects of Solar Activity Presentation
by John D. Patterson, Principal Engineer RF Engineering

Recent activities in Commercial Space Transportation Presentation
by Karen Shelton-Mur, Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) / Systems Engineering & Training Division, Federal Aviation Administration

NASA's Program & ILWS/IHY Presentation
by Madhulika Guhathakurta, Lead Program Scientist, Living with a Star, Chair, International Living with a Star

Space Weather and Polar Operations Presentation
by Mike Stills, Manager - International Operations Flights Dispatch

Space Weather in Manned Spaceflight Presentation
by Neal Zapp, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

Radiation Effects on Humans Presentation
by Mary Van Baalen, Radiation Health Officer, NASA JSC

Space Weather Effects on Aviation Systems Matrix Presentation Matrix in Excel by Mariel John GWU Space Policy Institute

FAA Perspective on Space Weather Information Presentation
by Steven R. Albersheim, Federal Aviation Administration

Space Weather System-Impact Products -SEEFS Overview Presentation
by Stephen Quigley, AFRL/RVBX

What is a CME?
Short File
SXI Latest
3-D eruption time stamped
SOT CA Flare



»SPI Director, Scott Pace is quoted in the Politico article How Elon Musk eposed billions in questionable Pentagon spending discussing the role of ULA in American space capabilities.

»SPI Director, Scott Pace, testifies in front of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on Environment on NOAA Utilization of Commercial Remote Sensing Data.

»SPI Director, Scott Pace, testifies in front of the Senate Commerce, Science, & Transportation committee on U.S. Human Exploration Goals and Commercial Space Competitiveness. His testimony is available online.

»On October 16, 2015, the Space Policy Institute hosted an informal discussion during which Dr. Philippe Brunet, European Commission Director for Space Policy, Copernicus, and Defense Industry described the plans of the European Union to become the primary European actor in space policy and programs.

»Current SPI Graduate Student Zack Hester's article NASA's Lessons Learned in Long-Duration Spaceflight: The Shuttle-Mir Program was published in Quest Vol. 23, No. 1, 2016.

»SPI Alum Mia Brown wrote an article titled Launch Dilemna: The role of the commercial sector in America's space program which was published by the Brookings Institution.

»Prof. Jack Burns, Vice President Emeritus at the University of Colorado, presented a distinguished lecture "Exploring the Universe from the Moon". It can be viewed online

»Dr. Scott Pace, Director of the Space Policy Institute, spoke on The Implications of U.S. Space Policy Choices at the California Institute of Technology. A video of the lecture is available for viewing here.

»Dr. Scott Pace, Visiting Scholar Deganit Paikowsky, and four SPI alumni attended the 2015 International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem.

»Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund, SPI Research Professor, became Chair of the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Read the announcement here.

»SPI Alum, Stephanie Wan, has been elected as Co-chair of the Space Generation Advisory Council. Congratulations Stephanie! Further information is available online.

»SPI hosts "Careers in Space Policy: A Panel Discussion" with the American Institute of Astronautics and Astrophysics National Capital Section Young Professionals Committee and the GW AIAA Student Chapter.

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