SOP What!

So you want to get in touch with us? Whether you are looking for music, guest performers, or a place to sing, this page will get you in touch with the right guy.

Music Director

Looking for an arrangement of ours? Trying to sell us an arrangement? Want to tell us how awesome we sound? David's your man. Shoot him an email here

Business Manager

Do you like money? So does Jack! Email him if you want to talk about it

Publicity Manager

Holding an event where you want us to sing? Planning to serenade your little? Want to get our fanbase out to your event? You should talk to Ian, shoot him an email at

Public Relations Coordinator

Coming to DC on tour and want to perform with us? Trying to get a group of studs to perform with you at your school? Liam has nothing better to do with his time; shoot him an email at


Wait, maybe Liam does have things to do... Well its too late now, bug him if you have complaints about the website. shoot him an email at