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Only a few years ago we could list every single Russian webpage. The late 1990s has seen a big-bang in the World Wide Web in Russia. For that reason, in 1998 we shortened the list to general compilations.

The Russian titles in this page are in Windows Cyrillic.

General Sites Categoried search page w easy links

Rambler Complete categoried search page

ndex Complete categoried search page

Search page

Slavophilia Ohio State U.

Russia On-Line Some services free, others pay

Russia on the Net Categoried search page

Google Great search engine for Russia (Type in Russian)

UNC Russian Trails Greensburo, NC

Friends and Partners Links to all things Russian

GlasNet Features photos of Russian life

Sher's Russian links Phenomenal collection

Political Web Collection by Val Golovskoy Links to good sites -

Fonts and Utilities

Brama-Ukrainian emphasis

Relcom-One of Russia's oldest ISPs

SovInformBureau-"Russify Everything" is very useful!

Microsoft Win95 Multilanguage support

Macintosh Russification

Yamada Language Center Mostly Mac fonts

Dr. Berlins Fonts All Windows, includes Old Church Slavic

SmartLink Corporation Russian fonts, spellcheckers, OCR, etc.

Foreign Language SoftwareSpellcheckers, OCR, fonts, etc.

Professional Interest Pages

AATSEEL Slavic home page Teachers of Slavic and E. European Languages

Jobs in Russian / Russia From AATSEEL 

Studies in Slavic and General Linguistics

ACTR/ACCELS- Study Exchanges plus Russnet Language learning links

FL Teach homepage Foreign Language Teaching list

SLART-L Contact page Second language acquisition list

A recent OCS text Can you guess its origins?

Other OCS Texts University of Helsinki in Roman transliteration

REESWeb- University of Pittsburgh: annotated links

Russian Reading strategies Irene Thompson,  U. of Hawaii

Bucknell's Russian language page On-line language help

George Mitrevski's homepage Javascript tutor for FL, emphasis on Russian

Study-abroad programs From 

Colleges in Russia:, Informika

Russian News, Information, Texts, and Photos

These links lead to on-line Russian news publications. Some are free and some subscription only. Check out more than one link for the pay services, because different sites have different price scales. For example, the Russia On-Line site may lead to a better subscription deal for a given publication than, say, a site that you reach through the SF news navigator (or vice versa).  Complete list of news sources -

Newslinks from UNC Complete annotated list

Rubicon  On-line encyclopedia -

  Complete text of each issue - free!

Soviet Archives: Entrance Room Library of Congress

USIA Moscow embassy Includes translations of US government documents

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the U.S.

 On-line encyclopedia with emphasis on media and news 


-  Val Golovskoys annotated links 

 Film database

 Filmdatabase - Great for finding Russian translatiuons of American film titles


-  Information and reviews

Other Non-Print Media

Please note: Rambler's links to music and entertainment are as complete as just about anything that you are likely to find.

Counterculture Archive  GW Gelman Library:Extensive links toRussian Rock

Russian radio/TV stations lists

Seattle list Includes all formats  Unadorned, but complete

MIT  All foreign radio stations on the web  All formats  All formats

Russian TV schedule for US satellite reception

CDs and video stores  (Not endorsements)

RBC Video  Brooklyn, NY

Souvenir CDs  Brooklyn, NY

Song Collections: Lyrics, Chords, and Real Audio  Real Audio radio stations and song samples

Zvuki.Ru  Downloads

Maksim Moshkow's Music Library  Lyrics and chords  Lyrics and chords

See also MP3 and in any Russian search engine


Victor Kamkin Books, Inc.  Rockville, MD

Eastview Publications, Inc. Minneapolis, MN  Brooklyn, NY


Moscow  Municipal Govt.

St. Petersburg SPb resources 

Travellers Yellow Pages Moscow, SPb, and others

Russian e-zine for kids  with on-line puzzles

LDPR (V. Zhirinovsky) Re-file under humor?

Russia site of the day From Interport