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Partnerships for International Strategies in Asia


PISA LogoPartnerships for International Strategies in Asia, under the direction of an international Executive Committee, has its executive offices at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies. Building on trust and mutual respect established over a twenty-five year history of working in Asia, PISA prepares leaders for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century and mobilizes networks of scholars, policy makers, and advocates on both sides of the Pacific to address urgent national and transnational concerns. PISA works directly with university faculty, government ministries, policy makers, research institutions, and non-governmental organizations in the broad area of international affairs. Projects are developed in consultation with partner institutions in Asia and in response to the needs of Asia-based organizations. Periodically, PISA responds to requests for program development and/or partnership with US-based organizations working with Asia on United States Foreign Policy toward the Asia Pacific Region. From project conception to implementation, PISA works in spirited collaboration to ensure that program outcomes are successfully achieved.


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