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Historical Reconciliation and Prosperity in Northeast Asia: 70 years since the Cairo Declaration


Co-hosted by the Northeast Asian History Foundation and
The Sigur Center for Asian Studies' "Memory and Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific" Program

Monday, December 2, 2013
8:45 AM - 5:40 PM
The Elliott School of International Affairs
State Room: 1957 E Street, NW, Seventh Floor
Washington, DC 20052

Conference Agenda

A light breakfast, a luncheon and a reception will be held

8:45am - 9:30am - Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:30am - 10:00am - Opening Ceremony
Opening Address: Mike Mochizuki (Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, GW)
Welcoming Remarks: Hak Joon Kim (President, Northeast Asian History Foundation)
Congratulatory Address: Ho-Young Ahn, (Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States)

10:00am-10:40am - Keynote speech
Casualty of the Cold War: The Cairo Declaration and its Historical Legacy in Northeast Asia
- James I. Matray (Professor, California State University, Chico)

10:40am-12:30pm - Panel A. Territorial issues in Northeast Asia
Chair: Robert Sutter (Professor of the Practice of International Affairs, GW)
1. “Dokdo” and Korea-Japan Relations
- Seo-Hang Lee (Professor, Dankook University)
2. Naming The East Sea: Before and After The Cairo Declaration
- John Rennie Short (Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore County)
3. Korean Independence Movement Leaders’ Perception and Response on the Cairo Declaration
- Se-Yun Chang (Research Fellow, Northeast Asian History Foundation)
1. Larry Niksch (Fellow, Institute for Corean-American Studies)
2. Hong Nack Kim (Professor, West Virginia University)

12:30pm - 1:40pm - Luncheon

1:40pm-3:30pm - Panel B. Human rights issues in Northeast Asia
Chair: Deepa Ollapally (Associate Director, Sigur Center for Asian Studies)
1. The Japanese military “Comfort Women” and International Relations in Northeast Asia
- Hirofumi Hayashi (Professor, Kanto Gakuin University)
2. Burying the Dead in East Asia
- Jennifer Lind (Associate Professor, Dartmouth College)
3. Contingent Citizenship and Korean Diasporic Politics in the United States and Japan
- Erin Aeran Chung (Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University)
Woondo Choi (Research Fellow, Northeast Asian History Foundation)
Cheol Soon Lee (Professor, Pusan National University)

3:30pm - 3:50pm - Coffee Break

3:50pm-5:40pm - Panel C. Historical perceptions in Northeast Asia
Chair: Yong-Chool Ha (Professor, University of Washington)
1. Can Northeast Asia Agree on History? The Cairo Declaration and Beyond
- Daqing Yang (Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, GW)
2. Comparison of Historical Reconciliations between Germany and Japan
- Thomas Berger (Associate Professor, Boston University)
3. Westerners’ View on the Historical Perceptions in East Asia
- John Duncan (Professor, University of California, Los Angeles)
Gregg Brazinsky (Associate Professor of History and International Affairs, GW)
Jae-Jung Suh (Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University)

5:40pm - Closing Remarks

5:45pm - 7:00pm - Reception



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