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Visiting Scholar Roundtable: "Emergence of New Donors and Paradigm Shift in International Educational Aid: With Focus on the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and China"

Sponsored by the Sigur Center for Asian Studies

Thursday, August 22, 2013
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
The Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E Street, NW; Suite 503
Washington, DC 20052


As the target year for achieving Education for All (EFA) development goals approaches in 2015, there are growing discussions about the post-EFA agenda in the international community of educational development. Regardless of the magnitude of discourse, this transition from EFA should not be understood simply as a matter of the normative framework. It coincides with fundamental changes in structure, actors, mode of interactions, and practices. As one of the key factors which are driving this paradigm shift, Professor Shoko Yamada will highlight the traditional and non-traditional donors in the Asia-Pacific region comparing their philosophies, decision-making structure, and programs.

Dr. Shoko Yamada is an associate professor of international development and educational policy studies at the Graduate School of International Development at Nagoya University in Japan. Having worked closely with aid providing agencies such as JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), UNESCO, and the World Bank, she is now leading a multi-national research project on emerging Asian donors. Currently, as a Fulbright Scholar, she is affiliated with Sigur Center for Asian Studies.

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