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Kyung Hee Fellowship for Korean Studies


The Kyung Hee Fellowship for Korean Studies is designed to provide ample opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to study Korean language more effectively. This aims to provide students who are taking Korean-related classes in Europe, North America and South Asia more in-depth knowledge of Korean language and culture. Over 280 students from 38 countries have been experienced Kyung Hee Fellowship for Korean Studies since 2002.


  • Korean language class tuition fee for 3 weeks (Aug. 1~Aug. 19), 891,000krw is included
  • Free field trip is available
  • Korean language class: 4 hours a day, 9:00~13:00, Mon~Fri
  • Material fee (around 40,000krw), meals and round trip air fare are not included
  • Scholarship awardees have to pay total 300,000krw (dormitory fee 250,000krw (double-occupancy) and admission fee 50,000krw)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Undergraduate or graduate students majoring/minoring in Korean language and culture at PRESENT
  • Accumulated GPA (grade point average) of B+ or above
  • Recommended by the dean of the department or academic advisor
  • ONE student per one university among applicants is screened as scholarship awardees by Kyung Hee Fellowship committee of IIE
  • Student who had ever participated in Kyung Hee Fellowship for Korean Studies (or KOPE, KOPA and KOSA) can not apply again

Application Procedures

Please download the instructions and application form. Print and submit to the address listed in the instructions.

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