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IIPP International Affairs Fellowships


Do you know five college sophomores who would excel in international affairs careers? Please urge them to take advantage of this unique fellowship opportunity.

The UNCFSP Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) is one of the nation's premier fellowship programs in global affairs for underrepresented students.

Our comprehensive education and training elements prepare IIPP Fellows to address the most pressing international policy problems.


IIPP serves to enhance US national security and global competitiveness by promoting excellence, international service, and awareness among a broader, more representative cross-section of the American citizenry. We prepare a cadre of well-trained, language proficient minority young people to compete in the global marketplace. IIPP helps ensure that those entrusted with the affairs of the United States (foreign as well as domestic) reflect the diversity that defines us as Americans and confronts us as citizens of the global village.

IIPP Fellowships:

With 15 years of demonstrated excellence as the leading provider of international affairs and public policy education for underserved minority college students, IIPP has educated and trained almost 300 International Affairs Fellows. Our focus is on providing quality education and practice opportunities to minority students beginning in their sophomore year of college. We offer these opportunities through our required five-year sequenced six-component program including:

  • Sophomore Summer Policy Institute (SSPI)
  • Junior Year Study Abroad (JYSA)
  • Junior Summer Policy Institute (JSPI)
  • Summer Language Institute (SLI)
  • Internships
  • Master's Degree Program in International Affairs

Our unique combination of short seven-week summer global policy institutes: a unique study abroad program focusing on global public policy, service and research; and a pro-active and culturally sensitive approach to minority education that fosters international service and non-profit sector leadership provides IIPP with the means to meet the needs of its diverse students - and help them succeed.

IIPP also provides outreach, recruitment and technical assistance services, as well as offering HBCUs and other minority institutions valuable resources to strengthen their international studies and globalization infrastructures.

Visit us on the web at WWW.UNCFSP.ORG/IIPP, watch our video, join our Facebook page, and encourage five (or more) of your students to apply online beginning October 15, 2009.

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