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Each year The Sigur Center hosts Visiting Scholars from around the world, who are selected on a highly competitive basis to conduct research related to Asia.

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Visiting Scholars in Residence at The Sigur Center

Since the scholars do not always come into the office, it is easier to contact them via email than phone.




Pranamita BARUAH, India
Affiliation: Researcher, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)
Research topic: "Japan vs. China: A Tug of War Over Regional Leadership in East Asia"



Fumitaka CHO, Japan
Affiliation: PhD Candidate, Rikkyo University, Japan
Research topic: "Responsibility as a Pacific Power: U.S. Multilateral Diplomatic Initiative toward the Indochinese Refugee Problem, 1075-1980"



Hanjin LEE, South Korea
Affiliation: Major, ROK Army
Research topic: "A new Cold War structure and prospects for regional stability with multilateral security cooperation in East Asia."


TrienTrien LE, Vietnam
Affiliation: Lecturer, Vietnam National University
Research topic: "SOEs Privitization and Corporate Governance in Vietnam: A Conceptual Framework on Government Dilemmas."




Richard MCGREGOR, U.S.A.
Affiliation: former Washington Bureau Chief, Financial Times




Jiao SHIXIN, China (P.R.C.)
Affiliation: Associate Professor, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China
Research topic: "U.S. Foreign Policy Response to Japan's Reinterpretation of the Right of Collective Self-Defense."



KaiKai WANG, China (P.R.C.)
Affiliation: PhD Candidate, Fudan University, China
Research topic: "A Quantitative Study of The International Dimensions of Ethnic Civil War"


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