Visiting Scholars Pictures 2007-2008



From left to right: Akmal Abdujabborovich, Bilal Draci, Nikola Levkov, Stuart Umpleby, Sladjana Benkovic, Loran Gami and Sidita Dibra.


From left to right: Wafa Abou-Zaki, Akmal Abdujabborovich, Bilal Draci, Nikola Levkov.


From the left: Asset Nussupov, Anel Ramazanova and Stuart Umpleby at a spring holiday celebration arranged by the Kazakh Embassy. The holiday was Nauryz Meyrami, a Kazakh folk celebration of the vernal equinox and of the renewal of nature.


Nikola Levkov and Leila Smith at the Community Research and Learning conference at the University of the District of Columbia.

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