Global E-Learning for Global Peace

Takeshi Utsumi
Founder and Vice President for Technology & Coordination, Global University System (GUS)
Chairman, Global Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. (GLOSAS/USA)

Economic interdependence among nations and cultures is spawning a global economy. Globalization also highlights clashes of divergent cultures and belief systems, both political and religious. If global peace is ever to be achieved, global-scale education, with the use of the modern digital telecommunications, will be needed to nurture mutual understanding among nations, cultures, ethnic groups, and religions. The Internet is the future of telecommunications and can be a medium for building peace. The Global University System (GUS) is a worldwide initiative to establish advanced telecommunications infrastructure for access to educational resources across national and cultural boundaries. The Globally Collaborative Innovation Network (GCIN) with emerging GRID computer network technology enables collaborative, distributed, experiential learning and creation of new knowledge, and will foster the creativity of youngsters around the world and hence promote global peace.