The Family as a Force Field or as Pattern Generator


Andrea Schara, LCSWA

Kathy Wiseman, MBA

Joan Lartin, Ph.D.  


Any of us are vulnerable to pressure, (kind of like gravity) from other people who surround us.  Their influence on our direction has less to do with their weight as an object, and more to do with the kinds of conversations which are co created. 


The conversations leave patterns of brain waves that can be described as overly determined, chaotic or as attractors.  Joan Lartin will provide a demonstration for anyone in the audience who is interested in watching his or her brain learn from its own feedback. This feedback is fast, and allows individuals to alter their functioning in a radical way. We can compare the speed of the possible changes due to neurofeedback to altering one behavior in the multigenerational force field.  In the family force field one’s functioning alters at slow… slow… speed.  Yet, one without the other cannot lead to long term creativity or even the appreciation of differences in the emotional system. Listening to family members describe efforts to understand their patterns and then trying to alter these patterns gives us great respect for this multigenerational force field.


Kathy Wiseman will present examples from family business where there is no monetary positive feedback for running away.  Self determined individuals have found magical ways to separate or alter negative conversations while deeply respecting the conservative nature of biological systems. It is a paradigm break to know that a problem in one person is a function of a multigenerational force field, and not a mental illness in one person.