Planning the Future of the American Society for Cybernetics

 Facilitator:  Alisa Oyler

ASC conducted strategic planning meetings in 1980 and 1982.  On Sunday afternoon we shall do this again.  For examples, go to this link
 In a facilitated meeting the facilitator asks the participants a  series of questions.  They write their answers on cards which are put  on the wall.  These cards are then clustered by similar ideas and the  ideas are discussed.  The facilitator then asks another question.
Examples of questions are the following:

Vision:  What do you want to see happening in five years?
Obstacles:  What are the obstacles to achieving this vision?
Strategies:  What strategies can we undertake to remove the
obstacles to achieving the vision?
Actions:  What actions do we need to take in the next year to implement the strategies for removing the obstacles to achieving the vision?

Going through these steps takes at least a day, usually two.  We have  only half a day so the process will be shorter. We might begin with a  review of history (Macy conferences to the present) and then formulate  plans for how we think we should move forward from here.    Regardless of the questions asked, the event will be designed to  solicit and accept the ideas of those present.   These  facilitated meetings are a good example of cybernetics in that they assume that people have very different views.  The purpose of the  meeting is to assemble the various perspectives in a way that allows  everyone to contribute to the progress of the organization.