Synergy of Knowledge and Values Management by
Combining the USOMID and Six Hats Methodologies

Matjaz Mulej
University of Maribor, Slovenia


USOMID is my methodology. We have applied it for 23 years to attain informal dialectical systems thinking in over 400 cases in companies and several thousand cases with students. About 20 years ago the famous professor of creative thinking Eduardo de Bono created his methodology called Six Hats of Creative Thinking. Both are very supportive of holism, but from different angles. We recently tried to put them in synergy with an interesting result. Knowledge and values management are facilitated at the same time. USOMID elaborates well the procedure of work and interdisciplinary co-operation in human teams, thus providing for a synergy of knowledge helping the team meet the Law of Requisite Holism, among other effects. Among the six hats the blue one receives good support from USOMID. On the other hand, all team members use at the same time and per phases the white hat when collecting facts, the black hat when using the pessimistic values, the red hat when using the emotional values, the yellow hat when using the optimistic values, and the green hat when using the creativity oriented values. Thus, both the knowledge and the values are well managed to foster creativity with no arguing, but a lot of discussion in which brain writing and brain storming are used as well.