Emergence in Organizations: The Opportunity of Open Source

Lisa Kimball
Ph.D, Member Board of Directors, The Plexus Institute

Tom Mandel
consultant and expert on Open Media

This session will explore the idea of Open Source as a complex responsive process that can stimulate and support innovation in organizations. The open source movement has transformed software development by stressing transparency, permeable boundaries, and peer collaboration. To what extent can the Open Source approach go beyond the domain of software and provide a template for collaborative work in other domains? Can geeks actually have shown the way? How can we understand Open Source using principles of complexity?  How can we use Open Source to change the way we think and talk about emergence in an organizational context?  Presenters will share a framework they are using to work with corporate and non-profit organization change initiatives and describe several case examples from this work. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in conversation about the theory and practice and identify potential connections with their own work.