laser trapping

    In this exercise, you will optically trap polystyrene beads

  1. Decide which group will clalibrate the microscope that you will use and help them to do that.
  2. With the filter removed from the setup, adjust the focus, until you see the bright spot of the laser reflected off of the cover slip
  3. Now move the focus knob one quarter of a turn to place the focal plane just below the cover slip.
  4. Place the filter back in the optical train
  5. Gently adjust the yellow and green knobs until you find a bead that is in focus and then move that bead close to the spot where the laser spot was.
  6. When the bead goes into the trap, collect a 30 second movie, at 25 fps
  7. Save this to the sftp server -- use you group login name and password.
  8. Make two more movies
  9. If there is time, repeat this with the 1 micron beads