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Welcome to the course homepage for the bio-focused Physics-21. Click on the schedule to look at the day's assignments. Do you have a question about the course, the homeworks, how to solve a problem? Post it on the LISTSERVE,


  • First week of class Jan 17 - 20
    1. Introduction to MasteringPhysics, due Friday at midnight.
    2. The practice warmup, which you can do until noon on Saturday.
    3. Buy the book and read Chapter 1
      1. Go to the bookstore and purchase the bundled package
      2. Go completely electronic -- online to, and purchase a license there ($50 without electronic text, $92 including electronic text). Note that the license will expire in 1 year, after which, you will no longer ne able to access the electronic text.
      3. Avoid the bookstore altogether by getting the text online, and, in parallel, purchasing the license from If you do this, be sure to get the second edition, not the first edition. There are significant differences between the two. Also, if you purchase the multivolume edition (like the one in the bookstore) you will need vols 1 and 2 for Phys 21.
    4. Purchase a bound (not spiral) notebook for the class.
    5. Register for Phys21-11 if necessary.
      1. For Friday
      2. Read the syllabus carefully
      3. Read The Biology of B-Movie Monsters paper by LaBarbera
      4. Read the Feeling for Biological Numbers paper by Phillips and Milo
      5. Optional: Read the "Life in Physical World" paper by Vogel
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  • Curriculum delevelopment for this course is being by the NSF DUE CCLI Phase 1 grant: A Bio-Focused Introductory Physics Course