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December 11, 2008
By Danielle Earls

GW's Float Design Selected for Presidential Inaugural Parade

The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected The George Washington University's float design to participate in the upcoming Presidential Inaugural Parade on Jan. 20, 2009. More than 1,300 organizations applied to join the parade.

In the congratulatory letter sent to GW Student Association President Vishal Aswani, the Inaugural Parade Committee members noted GW's talent and enthusiasm played a key role in their decision.

Comprising several student contributions, the float's design represents the University's diversity, values, and colleges.

The float will be carried on two trailers stretching 70 feet and featuring a large inflatable globe, a student built mini-Baja vehicle, a real-time stock ticker, and more than 50 students representing the University's nine schools and colleges.

Construction for the float is expected to begin in early January.

This float will revive the legacy set forth at the 1949 inauguration of President Truman, which was the first and last time GW was represented in the Inaugural Parade. Alumnus Pete Simmons spearheaded this project for President Truman's Inauguration and challenged GW to have another float in this year's parade. He will be attending the parade this year and will be offered an opportunity to ride on the float as a representative for the Lifelong and Worldwide Community that is GW. This will allow GW to not only celebrate this inauguration but also commemorate the 60 year anniversary of his effort and immense dedication as a GW student and alumnus.

For further information regarding this project please visit us on the web at: GW Presidential Inaugural Float or email us at



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