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July 12, 2005

Claire Duggan                 
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Matt Nehmer 
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WASHINGTON - The George Washington University Law School will be adding a litigation center and endowed faculty position thanks to a $3 million gift from one its most generous and active graduates, James F. Humphreys, J.D. '78.

The new Humphreys Complex Litigation Center will provide judges, court administrators, lawyers, and public policy makers with comprehensive information about complex litigation. "There was a consensus of opinion that there needs to be - for both the federal and state courts - a center that collects, analyzes, and publishes information on developments in mass and complex litigation," Humphreys said. "I'm glad to be in the position to help GW Law School make that center a reality."

"Increasingly, cases require more than the traditional one plaintiff /one defendant/one judge courtroom," he added. "In the last couple of decades, more than half a million asbestos claims have been filed by people who have been injured or whose family members have been killed through no fault of their own. The court system is set up for when Smith hits and injures Jones - not for when he injures 100,000 Joneses."

Roger Trangsrud, GW Law School interim dean, said, "Jim's commitment to helping the ordinary working person - whether as consumer, union member, disfavored minority, or the working poor - was already obvious while he was a law student and has continued throughout his professional career.  In all of his cases, Jim champions the right of individuals to find justice in their dealings with large corporations and insurance companies, who enjoy resources far beyond that of the people Jim represents."

This is not the first time Humphreys has given back to his alma mater. Humphreys established a GW Law School scholarship fund a few years ago and in 2003 funded a new student lounge in Stockton Hall and a spacious amphitheater classroom in Stuart Hall.

In addition to being a distinguished alumnus, Humphreys currently serves on The George Washington University Law School Board of Advisors and continues to lead the prominent law firm of James F. Humphreys & Associates in Charleston, W.V.

Accredited by the American Bar Association and a charter member of the Association of American Law Schools, the GW Law School enrolls approximately 1,850 students each year.

For more information, contact Claire Duggan at (202) 994-0616.
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