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Virginia Tech Tragedy

The following faculty members from The George Washington University are available to comment on topics related to the Virginia Tech tragedy (updated 4/10/08).

Violence in Schools

Beverly Caffee Glenn
Executive Director of GW’s Hamilton Fish Institute on School and Community Violence

Beverly Caffee Glenn, Ed.D., is an expert on school violence and also has worked at the National Education Association (NEA). The Institute assists schools by providing the most current information and analysis about the levels and trends on school violence in the nation and consults on effective strategies for violence prevention.
Office: (202) 496-2201


Sylvia A. Marotta
Professor of Counseling/Human and Organizational Studies; Chair of the Department of Counseling/Human and Organizational Studies

Sylvia A. Marotta, Ph.D., is an expert on trauma and family therapy.  Marotta worked during the 9/11 tragedy at a local hospital that received victims and has received Red Cross training for mental health professionals to work in trauma situations. 
Office: (202) 994-6642

Monica Megivern
Assistant Professor of Counseling; Director of the Community Counseling Services Center

Monica Megivern, Ed.D., has counseling expertise in stress and trauma, psychosocial development, and clinical supervision.
Office: (202)-994-8645


Walter F. Rowe
Professor of Forensic Sciences

Walter F. Rowe, Ph. D. , is a forensic chemistry, biology, and ballistics expert. His work includes the  methods for identifying firearms, bullet cartridge casings, and obliterated serial numbers.
Office: (202) 994-1469

Moses S. Schanfield
Professor of Forensic Sciences; Chair of the Department of Forensic Sciences

Moses S. Schanfield is an expert on forensic biology / DNA and population genetics.
Office: (202) 994-0588


Steven Roberts
J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs

Steven Roberts has been a journalist for more than 35 years and his areas of expertise include journalism, media, society, and politics. Roberts worked for The New York Times for 25 years and his assignments included bureau chief in Los Angeles and Athens, and Congressional and White House correspondent. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Dirksen Award, the Wilbur Award, the Bender prize as one of GW's top undergraduate teachers, and four honorary doctorates.
Office: (202) 994-0235

Frank Sesno
Professor of Media and Public Affairs

Frank Sesno is an Emmy-award winning journalist with more than 25 years of experience, including 18 years at CNN, where he serves as a special correspondent. Prior to working as special correspondent, Sesno served as White House correspondent, anchor, and Washington Bureau Chief. He has won several prestigious journalistic awards, including an Emmy, several cable ACE awards, and an Overseas Press Club Award. Sesno teaches how the media affects the creation of public policy.
Office: (202) 994-9553

Asian Culture

Young-Key Kim-Renaud
Professor of Korean Language and Culture and International Affairs; Chair of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Young-Key Kim-Renaud, Ph. D., is a specialist in Korean studies and Korean-American affairs. Her areas of expertise include Korean language, linguistics, literature, and Asian humanities. Kim-Renaud is a theoretical linguist with a broad interest in humanities and Asian affairs and has been the director of the Korean language and culture program at GW since 1983. She is chair of the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department and a faculty member of GW's Linguistics Program. She teaches all levels of Korean language and literature courses, and a course in Asian humanities.
Office: (202) 994-7107

Gun Control

Robert J. Cottrol
Harold Paul Green Research Professor of Law; Professor of History and Sociology

Robert Cottrol is an expert on constitutional law and gun control policy. Cottrol is widely published on the constitutionality of gun control and also focuses on criminal law and race relations
Office: 202-994-5023







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