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The following faculty are available to speak on various topics in regards to military operations in Iraq and terrorism in general.

Sean Aday
Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs

Aday researches the impact of media on war, politics, and foreign policy. He also studies the effect of media on public opinion. Aday is the author and co-author of several books, including As Goes the Statue, So Goes the War: The Evolution and Effects of the Victory Frame in Television Coverage of the Iraq War..Email:
Office: (202) 994-4220

Amir Afkhami
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and of Global Health
Afkhami's areas of expertise include modern history of disease, medicine, and public health; global public health policy; international psychiatry; mental health infrastructure in conflict zones; post-traumatic stress disorder among victims of chemical attacks; depression among military personnel posted in combat zones; 1918 pandemic. He is also the lead technical implimentor of the Iraq Mental Health Initiative funded by the State Department.
Office: (202) 741-2900

Nathan Brown
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Brown areas of expertise include government and politics of the Middle East, democratization and constitutionalism, and rule of law in the Arab world. He teaches courses on Middle Eastern politics.
Office: (202) 994-2123

Charles Cushman Jr.
Associate Professor of Political Management

Cushman’s work focuses on defense and foreign policy, particularly force structure, doctrine, organization and Congress’ role in making defense policy.
Office: (202) 994-9598
Mobile: (202) 904-3887

Robert Entman
J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Media and Public Affairs

Entman is an expert on the convergence of media and politics, and has written extensively on the topic. He currently is writing a book entitled Media Bias Scandals.
Office: (202) 994-6227

Steven Livingston
Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs and of International Affairs

Professor Livingston is an expert in role of information technology and media in national security policymaking. He has done extensive research on the Iraq war and can provide commentary on the effect of the media on policy-making in Iraq.
Office: (202) 994-5888
Cell: (202) 618-2266

Marc Lynch
Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs

Lynch's areas of expertise include Arab media and public opinion, Islamist movements, constructivism in international relations, and public diplomacy.
Office: (202) 994-5291

Jerrold Post
Professor of International Affairs and a Research Professor of Political Psychology
Dr. Post is the author of several psychological profiles of Saddam Hussein. He also can provide information on terrorism as a psychological epidemic.
Office: (202) 994-7386
Home: (301) 229-5536

Walter Reich
Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Professor of International Affairs, Ethics and Human Behavior

Reich is an expert on terrorism, the Holocaust and genocide, and Arab-Israeli affairs, and is the former director of the United States Holocaust Museum. He also is a member of the newly-established Council on Global Terrorism.
Office: (202) 994-5075
Home: (301) 656-6179
Cell: (301) 502-9596

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