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Human Genome Project

Tim G. Hales  
Assistant Professor of Pharmachology

Dr. Hales is among the top up-and-coming scientists who will push the boundaries of understanding of the building blocks of life and treatments of disease through genetics. He is studying the biological mechanism that governs the effect of both anesthetics and addictive narcotics.

Office: (202) 994-3546

Kenneth Schaffner 
University Professor of Humanities

A leading scholar on medical ethics, Dr. Schaffner. s recent writings on the topic have been featured in the publications "Philosophy of Science," "Theroretical Medicine" and "Bioethics and Behavioral Genetics: The Clash of Culture and Biology."

Office: (202) 994-0338

Harry Yeide 
Professor of Religion

Professor Yeide has played a major role in the establishment of various interdisciplinary study programs including most recently in the fields of bio-ethics and peace studies. He has written a number of articles on religion and ethics and has recently published a book on classical Pietism.

Office: (202) 994-3967

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Last updated September 22, 1999


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