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Environment and Global Warming
Updated 3/17/09

Globalization and Climate Change (updated 3/17/09)

Experts Available to Discuss Climate Change, Earth Day, and Sustainability


Sheryl Elliott
Associate Professor of Tourism
Professor Elliott is an expert on environmental systems and sustainable tourism as well as tourism information systems and technology and marketing research.
Office: (202) 994-7047

John Forrer
Director, Globalization Research Center
Associate Research Professor of International Business and of Public Policy and Public Administration
Forrer is an expert on economic consequences of globalization and has written extensively on the effectiveness of U.S. economic sanctions. He also researches global policy and governance, particularly climate change, global disease control, corporate governance and public-private partnerships. He is currently researching what individuals can do to affect climate change.
Office: 202-994-5248

Lisa Delpy Neirotti
Associate Professor of Tourism and Sport Management
Delpy Neirotti is one of the world’s foremost Olympic scholars and professor of tourism administration and sports management programs at The George Washington University School of Business. She is the leader of the Green Sports Score Card initiative, which helps sports organizations globally assess their environmental friendliness. 
Office: (202) 994-6623

Jorge Rivera
Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy
Professor Rivera is an expert in business and public policy, corporate environmental management, and environmental policy.
Web site:
Office: (202) 994-0163

Arun Malik
Associate Professor of Economics
Professor Malik is an expert on environmental and natural resource economics, applied microeconomic theory, and design of regulatory policy as well as teaching the economic course natural resources and environmental economics.
Web site:
Office: (202) 994-5471

Mark Starik
Chair, Department of Strategic Management and Public Policy
Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy

Starik is an expert in environmental management and business and strategic management. Specifically, his areas of focus are strategic environmental management, international environmental policy, environmental sustainable development, and sustainable tourism. He is affiliated with the Academy of Management Organizations and the Natural Environment (ONE) interest group. He also teaches business courses focused on environmental policy and sustainable organizations. He is co-chair of GW’s Sustainability Taskforce.
Office: (202) 994-5621


Lisa Benton-Short
Short Associate Professor of Geography
Benton-Short’s areas of expertise include monuments, memorials and public space, national parks in cities, environmental issues in cities and cities and immigration. Benton-Short is the author of four books.
Office: (202) 994-6188

Thomas Foggin
Adjunct Professor of Geography
Foggin’s research interests include human impact on environmental processes; diffusion of plants, animals, and humans; and environmental history.
Office: (202) 994-7156

David Rain
Assistant Professor of Geography
Professor Rain is an expert in population and environment as well as international urban geography, geographic information systems, and international development. Professor Rain teaches related courses including “Society and Environment.”
Office: (202) 994-8523


Robert Churchill
Professor of Philosophy
Professor Churchill’s subject area is philosophy and he is an expert in environmental ethics and philosophy. He also focuses on nonviolence, aggression, just war theory, pacifism, philosophy of law, logic, ethics and public policy, and Holocaust and genocide studies.
Office: (202) 994-6266

Jamie Grodsky
Associate Professor of Law
Professor Grodsky is an expert in environmental law, natural resources law, and science and technology law.
Office: none

Sean Murphy
Associate Professor of Law
Professor Murphy is an expert in international law and specializes in international environmental law. He also specializes in public international law, military tribunals, and the use of force. He is a consultant for the Department of State, a member of the board of editors of the American Jounral of International Law, and a member of the executive council of the American Society of International Law.

Office: (202) 994-8763

Lee Paddock
Associate Dean for Environmental Studies
Professorial Lecturer in Law

Paddock served as director of Environmental Legal Studies at Pace University Law School from 2002-2007. He also has been senior consultant for the National Academy of Public Administration on several projects since 1999. From 1978 until 1999, Lee was an assistant attorney general with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office where he served as director of environmental policy for 13 years, as manager of the office’s agriculture and natural resources division and a member of its executive committee.
Office: (202) 994-0417
Cell: (612) 396-0826

Jonathan Weiss
Professorial Lecturer in Law
Executive Director of the University Center on Sustainability & Regional Growth

Professor Weiss is an expert in smart growth, urban environmental law, sustainable development and land use, and urban/regional planning.
Office: (202) 994-9709


Robert Rycroft
Professor of International Science and Technology Policy and of Public Policy and Public Administration
Professor Rycroft is an expert in international affairs, science, technology, and environment and international affairs. He teaches in both the Elliott School of International Affairs and the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration.
Office: (202) 994-6615
Web sites: and


Terry Hufford
Professor Emeritus of Botany
Professor Hufford is an expert in aquatic freshwater ecology, pollution biology, and the environment with specialties in science/environmental curriculum and staff development, diatoms, introductory biology, water pollution biology. He is active in the area of environmental education.
Office: (202) 242-6699

John Lill
Assistant Professor of Biology
John Lill is a biology professor who is an expert in ecology, plant-insect interactions, entomology, and evolution. He also conducts research on climate change. Professor Lill teaches “Conservation Biology,” which includes units focused on global warming.
Office: (202) 994-6989

Henry Merchant
Associate Professor of Biology
Director, Graduate Programs in Environmental and Resource Policy

Merchant is an expert in biology and biological sciences with focus on environmental studies, interdisciplinary science, terrestrial and fresh water aquatic ecology, and ecological energetics. He is also the director of graduate programs in environmental and resource policy. Merchant teaches courses in ecology and senior seminars in environmental studies as well as an environmental policy course.
Office: (202) 994-7123

John Miller
Professor of Chemistry
Professor John Miller is an expert in combustion, environmental theory, and environmental chemistry. He teaches Environmental Chemistry.
Office: (202) 994-7474
Web site:

Vladislav Sadtchenko
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Sadtchenko is an expert in physical and environmental chemistry.
Office: (202) 994-6155

Henry Teng
Assistant Professor of Geology
Professor Teng is an expert in earth and environmental sciences with specialties in geochemistry, aqueous geochemistry, surface geochemistry, and environmental geology.
Office: (202) 994-0112
Web site:

Kenneth Zweibel
Director, Institute for the Analysis of Solar Energy
Zweibel was the recent president and senior PV technologist for PrimeStar Solar. Zweibel helped develop low-cost electricity at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab and has since moved his focus to raising awareness of solar possibilities.
Office: (202) 994-8433


Jonathan Deason
Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Deason was appointed professor of Environmental Management at the George Washington University in 1996. Before joining GW, he was Director of the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance at the U.S. Department of the Interior, where he managed nine regional offices across the nation and seven staff divisions in Washington, D.C. He has authored more than 100 professional papers dealing with environmental issues.
Office: 202 994-4827
Web site:

Rumana Riffat
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Riffat is involved in biological research related to the removal of nutrients from wastewater that directly impacts the health of the Chesapeake Bay. She has expertise in treatment of hazardous wastes, digestion processes, enumeration of growth kinetics and toxicity.
Office: (202) 994-5947


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