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Education (No Child Left Behind)

Iris Rotberg
Research Professor of Education Policy at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development and Co-Director of the Center for Curriculum, Standards and Technology
Professor Rotberg was the senior author of a report, "No Child Left Behind: Views About the Potential Impact of the Bush Administratiion's Education Proposals," that examined the implications of the Bush Administration's education plan based on interviews conducted with leading policymakers, educators and researchers. Before coming to GW, Rotberg was a program director at the National Science Foundation; principal investigator for the Technology Policy Task Force of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology; assistant director of the National Institute of Education, where she directed the Office of Planning and Program Development; and deputy director of a comprehensive study of compensatory education conducted for Congress by the National Institute of Education. Rotberg received a doctorate in research psychology from The Johns Hopkins University.  
(202) 994-2735

Mary Hatwood Futrell

Dean of GW's Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Professor of education and director of GW's Institute for Curriculum, Standards, and Technology

Prior to becoming Dean in 1995, Futrell was president of the National Education Association, a post that she held for an unprecedented three terms, 1983-1989. Futrell specializes in education reform policy, professional development, and diversity. First and foremost a teacher, Futrell is an advocate for human and civil rights and improved education worldwide, who travels extensively at home and abroad. Futrell has devoted herself to focusing national attention on the need for quality education in our nation's schools. She also was named U.S. laureate of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Comenius Medal for her advocacy of quality education for all. Futrell is the second person form the United States to receive this honor.

Office:  (202) 994-4519




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