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Several experts are available to comment on the threat of bioterrorism and the emergency management measures that could be employed to minimize the impact of a biological, chemical or conventional terrorist attack. 

Peter Hotez,
Chairman of the Department of Microbiology and Tropical Medicine

Dr. Hotez is an expert on infectious diseases and has knowledge of smallpox. 

Office: (202) 994-3532

Keith Holtermann,
Chief of Research and Health Policy Analysis at GW's Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Holtermann specializes in emergency management and can discuss measures needed to strengthen the medical community's ability to recognize and treat widespread illness and epidemics.

Office: (202) 994-4397

Jack Harrald,
Director of the Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management in GW's School of Engineering and Applied Science

Dr. Harrald can speak to the overall issue of crisis management, including emergency response to conventional and biological terrorist attacks.

Office: (202) 994-7153

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Last updated September 28, 2001


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