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9/11 Report


Frank Cilluffo
Associate Vice President for Homeland Security and Director of GW's Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI)
Cilluffo also serves on the national Homeland Security Advisory Council, a panel of industry, academic and state and local government officials that advises the Department of Homeland Security on a range of homeland security issues.

Office: (202) 994-2437

Paul M. Maniscalco, MPA, EMT/P
Deputy Director of GW's Response to Emergencies and Disasters Institute (READI) and Associate Professor of Health Care Sciences
A former deputy chief and paramedic for the City of New York , Maniscalco is a leading authority on emergency management and disaster preparedness, with 30 years spent in operations, supervisory and managerial experience in EMS and fire service. He was recently appointed to a presidential homeland security advisory committee, and he served on the recently disbanded Gilmore Commission, where he chaired the State and Local Response Panel.

Office: (703) 726-3707


Gordon Adams
Professor of International Affairs, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Security Policy Studies Program
Professor Adams can talk about national defense strategies, defense policy, the war on terrorism and homeland security.

Office: (202) 994-7003


Amb. Karl Inderfurth
Professor of Practice of International Affairs

Amb. Inderfurth has served in several capacities at the US Department of State, including Deputy US Representative to the UN Security Council, US Representative for Special Political Affairs to the UN, and as Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs.

Office: (202) 994-2619


Leon Fuerth
J.B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of International Affairs
Leon Fuerth is the former national security adviser to Vice President Al Gore.

Office: (202) 994-8921


Henry Nau
Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Professor Nau teaches an undergraduate course in international politics and graduate courses in US foreign policy, US foreign economic policy, international political economy, and science, technology and public policy.
Office: (202) 994-3167

Kim Thachuk
Visiting Professor of International Affairs
A defense and terrorism expert, Thachuk's research is mainly on transnational threats to national security, including organized crime and terrorism, drug and arms trafficking, alien smuggling, smuggling of weapons of mass destruction, cyber threats, and health and environmental threats. She also specializes in Homeland Security as well as Latin American issues, with a particular emphasis on Colombia.
Office: (202) 994-0969

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