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University Statement Regarding Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina
and Relief Efforts

This statement may be attributed to Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, president of
The George Washington University

September 1, 2005

Our hearts go out to our colleagues at Tulane University and the other institutions suffering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.  The almost Biblical circumstances that have affected all the people of New Orleans, as well as those of certain parts of Mississippi and elsewhere, are tragic indeed.

We have received several inquiries from persons at universities that have been directly affected by Katrina.  GW's enrollment for the fall semester was largely complete before Katrina hit and our housing was set for the fall semester.  With that said, GW will welcome students from these universities as nondegree students on a space-available basis and in anticipation of their return to their home institutions.  These students would need to register for classes that are not yet full and would be responsible for their own housing.  GW will waive the late registration fee for these students.

Students wishing to enroll in classes at GW should review the admission and registration procedures for nondegree students at  They also may wish to contact the Office of University Students at (202) 994-1972 or

Graduate students are advised to contact the appropriate GW department or program regarding course selection and availability. 

The following additional opportunities are also being made available through The George Washington University:

GW Law School
The George Washington University Law School will admit up to 20 upperclassman students for the current fall semester from Tulane University and Loyola University Law Schools.  These students will be considered visiting students and the admissions team hopes to make offers as soon as Friday morning.

GW Law students will play a major role in helping these visiting students. Student Bar Association President Eric Koester sent out an e-mail to the entire student body this evening asking if any students are able to host a Tulane or Loyola student. Faculty and staff have also offered up room in their homes.

GW Medical Center
The George Washington University Medical Center is preparing a team of medical professionals to respond to the disaster sites.

Additionally, The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences is participating in a nation-wide effort coordinated by the National Institutes of Health and the American Association of Medical Colleges to take care of the patients affected by Hurricane Katrina as well as to try to accommodate the students and residents from Tulane University and Louisiana State University medical schools.

The GW School of Public Health and Health Services will welcome public health students from Tulane University and will coordinate appropriate arrangements for their public health studies. For further information contact Jane Smith at (202) 994-0248.

The GW Medical Center remains ready and willing to assist in appropriate ways in the face of this tragedy.

Relief Efforts Through the University
The George Washington University has initiated a hurricane relief effort under the jurisdiction of our Medical Center in coordination with the American Red Cross to raise funds and conduct other ameliorating activities to assist victims of Katrina.  For more information on this effort, please call the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Health Affairs at (202) 994-3727.



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