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An Adopted Hero, an Adopted Son

In a new biography of the Marquis de Lafayette, alum Marc Leepson illuminates the French general's role in the life of George Washington.

By Marc Leepson

An idealistic, 19-year-old French aristocrat arrived on American shores 235 years ago, intent on fighting the British in the American Revolution. Two years later, he departed a hero whose battle-tested zeal for freedom and whose spirit and devotion engendered a lifelong friendship with George Washington. Read more >

On the cover: Illustration by Fran Fernandez

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Research Rising

With the new Science and Engineering Hall, GW aims to expand the student experience and bring together a diversity of researchers to tackle "big questions."

By Danny Freedman

It is being called "transformative," a scholar magnet that will foster a new era of research, and, in the down-to-earth words of one Foggy Bottom resident, "a more than fair trade for a parking garage."
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The Presiding Professor

At a weekly constitutional law seminar, Justice Clarence Thomas helped students find the stories behind fundamental Supreme Court cases.

By Ruth Steinhardt

Most law students who refer to the lessons they've learned from U.S. Supreme Court justices are speaking figuratively. But in the case of GW's Constitutional Law 6399-14: Leading Cases in Context, co-taught by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas and Professor Greg Maggs, students had more direct contact with the source. Read more >

As Seen by the Dean

Graduate School of Education and Human Development Dean Michael J. Feuer talks about the past and future of American education.

By Ruth Steinhardt

Graduate School of Education and Human Development Dean Michael J. Feuer is determined to make American educators competitive in a world of increasing global enterprise. Read more >