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The Mayor

D.C.'s Vincent Gray, BS '64, was among the first to integrate GW's campus.

By Karyn-Siobhan Robinson

District of Columbia Mayor and George Washington University graduate Vincent Gray, BS '64, is a man who thinks in a deliberative and comprehensive fashion. Plodding, process-driven, and wonky are all words used to describe the man who became the sixth mayor of the District of Columbia Jan. 2. Read more >

On the cover: Photo by William Atkins

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Bringing Words to Life

Professor Allida Black pores over a former first lady's writings to reveal contemporary human rights lessons in the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project.

By Carrie Madren

Over half a century ago, Eleanor Roosevelt publicly defended her strong stances on issues of the times: human rights, women's rights, and racial justice. "If you look at the issues that she confronted in the last years of her life, they're the same issues we're dealing with today," says Allida Black, Ph.D. '93, GW research professor of history and international affairs and director of the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project. "She's the godmother of the modern human rights movement." Read more >

Saving Grace

We have art detective Charles Hill, BA '71, to thank for recovering once-stolen cultural treasures such as The Scream.

By Danny Freedman and Matt Lindsay

"Thanks for the poor security." That note, written on the back of a postcard, was one of the few things the burglars left behind—that and a broken window, wire cutters, a ladder to the ground below, and an empty space where Edvard Munch's iconic painting The Scream once hung in Norway's National Gallery. Read more >