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Alumni Events

International Receptions in Asia and Europe

GW Law alumni continue to build an international network with receptions in Tokyo; London; Thimphu, Bhutan; and Seoul, South Korea.

(Front row, starting second from left) Professor Roger E. Schechter, Dean Frederick M. Lawrence, Associate Dean Susan Karamanian, and professor Paul Butler traveled to Seoul, South Korea, to meet with members of the GW Law alumni community.

At the High Court in Thimphu, Bhutan (from left): Hon. Gembo Tashi of the District Court of Bhutan, LLM ’07; Hon. Tshering Wangchuk of the High Court of Bhutan, LLM ’03; Associate Dean Susan Karamanian; Hon. Kimley Namgay of the District Court of Bhutan, LLM ’07; incoming LLM student Ogyen Tshering.

Welcoming New Students

The George Washington Law Alumni Association has expanded the Newly Admitted Student and Alumni Receptions to include 17 different cities around the country. Participating law alumni had the opportunity to share their experiences with each other and potential GW Law students at these recruiting and networking events.

GW Law thanks this year’s reception hosts: Ken Adelsberg, JD ’79; Rebecca Balint, JD ’05; Stanley A. Barg, JD ’74; Gerry Barrios, JD ’87; Joe Blute, JD ’82; David S. Brown Jr., JD ’69; C. Philip Curley, JD ’79; Jacob A. De Leon, JD ’02; Jennifer DiMarzio, JD ’05; Darrell Dreher, JD ’73; Marc A. Feller, JD ’74; Paul Fires, JD ’85; Hon. Darrin P. Gayles, JD ’93; James A. Holtkamp, JD ’75; Bradford W. Irelan, JD ’86; Christy Fast Kane, JD ’97; Eric A. Koester, JD ’06; Musa Eubanks, JD ’96; Katie Harrington-McBride, JD ’94; Jacqueline C. Ledón, JD ’05; John Lewis Jr., JD ’90; Eric N. Macey, JD ’78; John McBride, JD ’93; Michelle Milberg, JD ’06; Steve Oggel, JD ’67; Frank O’Rourke, JD ’61; Zachary E. Redman, JD ’05; Sara Roth, JD ’05; Leta A. Seletzky, JD ’02; Amir Shaikh, JD ’06; Richard Sugarman, JD ’00; John Uilkema, JD ’61; and Akil Vohra, JD ’02.

A group of GW Law alumni and prospective students enjoy a meal in Las Vegas.

Marc C. Herbert, LLM ’96, and Christine Herbert share stories about law student life at the Newly Admitted Student and Alumni Reception in New Orleans.

Student-Alumni Events

GW Law alumni and current students had many chances to interact this year. On Jan. 24, students and alumni watched the Washington Capitals play the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Verizon Center in Washington. On Feb. 12, students discussed options and opportunities with GW Law alumni in an informal setting at the second annual Coffee with Experience forum. Golf provided another way for students and alumni to connect, this time at the second annual GW Law Golf Outing at Westfields Golf Club in Clifton, Va.

For the second year in a row, the winning team at the alumni golf outing consisted of 3L Matt Haynie, 3L Chris Higgins, professor Spencer A. Overton, and 3L Bryan King.

Jessica Tillipman, JD ’03, (second from left) explains how she became interested in government contracts law.

Joe Semo, JD ’76; Rich Collins, GW Law associate vice president of advancement; Deborah Yaffe, JD ’77; and David Yaffe, JD ’77, prepare for a day on the golf course.

Supreme Court Swearing In

On Dec. 10 Dean Frederick M. Lawrence led a group of 14 GW Law alumni as they were sworn in to the U.S. Supreme Court Bar. Members of their families, the public, and the Court looked on while our alumni marked this important moment in their legal careers.

The George Washington Law Alumni Association congratulates the newest members of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar. (Back row, from left): Paul C. Vitrano, JD ’95; Renée O. Dyson, JD ’01; Kathleen Callahan, JD ’00; Donell A. Hicks, JD ’00; Randall K. Miller, JD ’96; Sean Beaty, JD ’94; Ronald M. Jacobs, JD ’04; Raymond P. Ausrotas, JD ’98. (Front row, from left) Kayla Hall, JD ’03; Leith R. Alvaro, JD ’97; Dean Frederick M. Lawrence; Maria M. DiMoscato, JD ’02; Elizabeth Calderon, JD ’93; Greer Hoffman, JD ’93; and Brian Kelleher, JD ’93.

AALS Reception

Associate professor Christopher R. Yukins; professor Cynthia Lee; John Castiglione, JD ’06; and Adrianne Castiglione catch up at the Annual AALS meeting.

Deans, professors, alumni, and guests gathered in New York City on Jan. 3 during the annual Association of American Law Schools meeting.

Government Contracts Luncheon

The Annual Government Contracts Alumni and Friends Luncheon on Feb. 29 drew GW Law alumni practitioners from around the country. Held in conjunction with the Annual West Government Contracts Year-in-Review Conference, it remains one of the most popular law alumni events.

Associate professor Christopher R. Yukins with two professors from the University of Science and Technology at Beijing: Cao Fuguo and Wu Tao.

Adelicia Cliffe-Taylor, JD ’06, and Hon. George W. Miller, LLM ’68, of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims at the 2008 Government Contracts Alumni and Friends Luncheon.

Second Annual GW Law Day

The Second Annual GW Law Day took place on April 4. Hon. Charles T. Manatt, JD ’62, was the featured speaker at a GW Law School luncheon at the Law School. Dinah Shelton, the Manatt/Ahn Professor of International Law, gave the inaugural lecture in the Manatt/Ahn International Law Lecture Series.

Dinah Shelton, the newly named Manatt/Ahn Professor of International Law, with Hon. Charles T. Manatt, JD ’62.

Anne Wernikoff

Regional Events Bring Alumni Together

Barbara Viniegra, JD ’02, and guest at a regional event in Miami.

Despite distance, law alumni maintain their connection to GW Law by hosting or attending one of the many events held throughout the year. Since November alumni have hosted happy hours in Houston, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle; a hockey game in Las Vegas; and a question and answer session with Dean Lawrence and Hon. Carlos Lucero, JD ’64, in Denver.

If you are interested in hosting a regional event, visit and click on “get involved.”

Belva Lockwood Award

Every Spring, the Law Association for Women student group and The George Washington Law Alumni Association give an award in honor of Belva Ann Lockwood, the first female graduate of The George Washington University Law School. This year’s Belva Ann Lockwood Award recipient was Christina Guerola Sarchio, JD ’95, who received the award based on character, contributions to the community, and success in the legal field.

Belva Ann Lockwood Award winner Christina Guerola Sarchio, JD ’95, with her son and with her husband, Chad Sarchio, JD ’95.

Claire Duggan

Law Revue Show Reception

GW Law alumni received free tickets and attended a pre-show reception at the Law School prior to opening night of Law Revue 2008: Abuse of Expression. Alumni had an added surprise when Dean Frederick M. Lawrence sang his way into the second act!

Katie Sweeney and Cristobal Alvarez, JD ’98. This year, more than 60 GW Law alumni returned to watch the always popular Law Revue.

Franklin Michels, LLB ’48, and Elizabeth Michels enjoy the entertainment at the Law Revue Pre-Show Reception. Students from the Law Revue treated law alumni guests to a “sneak preview” performance.

Alumni at Nationals Park

The brand-new Nationals Park was the setting for this year’s GW Law Alumni Baseball Outing. More than 120 law alumni watched the Washington Nationals beat the New York Mets in the new stadium.

Mary Eno, JD ’81, and Mark LeGrande celebrate a Nationals victory at the GW Law Alumni Baseball Outing.

Anne Wernikoff

Prudence Parks, JD ’83, and guest watch the Nationals with more than 120 other GW Law alumni.

Anne Wernikoff

Other Events

International LLM Events

GW Law has one of the most widely attended International LLM programs, with students who hail from all over the world. The George Washington Law Alumni Association held events for this diverse population of alumni on Jan. 24 in New York and on April 23 in Washington, D.C.

Virginia Bar Swearing In Breakfast

Senior Associate Dean Steven L. Schooner, LLM ’89, was on hand to swear-in the newest members of the Virginia State Bar. GW Law alumni and their families shared brunch prior to the ceremony.

Lawyers Have Heart

GW Law boasted a team of more than 50 people for the Lawyers Have Heart 10K Race on June 14 to benefit the American Heart Association. The George Washington Law Alumni Association pitched in by providing a team T-shirt and a “carb-loading” dinner at the Law School on June 12.

Virginia State Bar Meeting Breakfast

In conjunction with the Annual Virginia State Bar Meeting, Associate Dean Anne Richard joined fellow GW Law alumni for breakfast and to chat about the school in Richmond, Va., on June 21.