GW Law School painting of George Washington

It is our pleasure to introduce this year’s GW Research magazine. This magazine celebrates the achievements of our faculty members and scientists, as well as the efforts of numerous administrative and support staff who help our researchers carry out their important work. Read more >>

On the cover: Brian Richmond, associate professor of anthropology, in his lab on GW’s Foggy Bottom Campus. In the left foreground are casts of the skeleton (KNM-WT 15000) of a 1.5 million-year-old human ancestor, Homo ergaster.

Photo by: Jessica McConnell

Exploring the Past
Brian Richmond probes human evolution through new technology.

Acting Locally, Thinking Globally
New GW institute unites bright minds to advance HIV/AIDS research.

Eradicating Violence
Researchers reach deep into the community to help build safer neighborhoods and schools.

Force Multipliers
GW’s interdisciplinary research teams soar to new heights.

More Bang for Your Battery
New nanotechnology launches longer lasting batteries.

Fostering Research, Practical Answers
The GW Institute of Public Policy explores issues of interest to both the scholar and the layman.