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Bart F. Petrini, MBA ’70, is an adjunct professor of international business at the University of California–Davis’ Graduate School of Management. He also is a consultant in strategic alliances and sourcing and channel development in the emerging markets of Asia and Eastern Europe.

In April, the National Bureau of Asian Research recognized John M. Shalikashvili, MS ’70, by dedicating a chair in national security studies in his name. Gen. Shalikashvili served the United States in a 39-year military career which culminated in his appointment as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has been a director of the bureau since his retirement from the military in 1997, and is senior adviser to NBR’s Strategic Asia Program.

The recently formed University of Cambodia at Phnom Penh named Din B. Merican, MBA ’71, a board member and an adjunct professor of global business strategy. Merican also is a senior research fellow with the Cambodian Institute of Cooperation and Peace.

The director of international studies at Western New England College, Vladimir Wozniuk, MA ’78, published an op-ed entitled “Get Used to the New World Disorder” in the International Herald Tribune on Feb. 2. Wozniuk also is an associate at Harvard University’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies.

Barbara Beck, JD ’79, is enrolled as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, and is an associate at the commercial law firm Urlich McNab Kilpatrick in Whangarei, New Zealand.

Serving the Washington Institute, Berrie Defense Fellow Jeffrey White, MA ’79, specializes in the military and security affairs of Iraq and the Levant. He also is a contributor to the Washington Institute’s Operation Iraqi Freedom and the New Iraq: Insights and Forecasts (2004).

Vice president of Stanley Consultants, Gary Foster, MBA ’86, provided reconstruction consulting in the electrical power sector to the interim Iraqi government’s Coalition Provisional Authority. He received a service citation from L. Paul Bremer.

Hee-beom Lee, MBA ’87, is the Korean Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

Matthew D. Langenkamp, BA ’90, is a financial analyst in mergers and acquisitions for HSBC Bank in Hong Kong. He specializes in mergers of the food and beverage industries and frequently travels to Manila, Taiwan, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Seoul. Langenkamp is married with two children.

Arab Bank Group acquired the investment banking firm founded by Omar Masri, BBA ’90, who heads investment banking for the entity.

Tammy Duckworth, MA ’92, is running for Congress as a Democrat in the 6th District of Illinois. Duckworth lost both her legs in service in Iraq when the Blackhawk helicopter she was piloting was struck down. While at GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs, Duckworth served in the ROTC.

Previously a Foreign Service officer and special assistant to the secretary of the Army, Pam Jenoff, BA ’92, presently is an attorney at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius in Philadelphia. Later this year she will publish her first novel, A Fine Crack of Light (Mira Books), which is set in Poland during World War II.

Brian J. Marino, BBA ’93, is the international marketing manager for Subway Restaurants.

A resident of Atlanta, Susan Davis, MPH ’96, was named subject matter expert on water for CARE USA. She liaises between the organization’s water team and external relations colleagues to bring in more resources for water, one of CARE’s focus areas. Davis has visited and evaluated rural and peri-urban water and sanitation projects in Bangladesh, Haiti, Honduras, India, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and Vietnam. She formerly served in programmatic and development roles for WaterPartners International, a small international relief organization focusing on high-quality water and sanitation interventions for developing countries.

From 2004 to 2005, Sandra King-Kauanui, PhD ’97, an associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, was the president of the International Council for Small Business, a major worldwide organization bringing together people and organizations that are committed to the advancement of entrepreneurship and small business. King-Kauanui has conducted research on various aspects of entrepreneurship, including spirituality and entrepreneurship and family business in various countries around the world, including China.

Matthew Kolodny, BBA ’97, is a product manager in the Montreal headquarters of the International Air Transport Association.

In December, Katja Newman, MA ’97, observed the elections in Bolivia with the Organization of American States. She has posted a policy paper on her Web site,

Daniel Obst, BA ’97, was born and raised in Germany. After graduating from GW, Obst received a Master of Arts degree from the London School of Economics and now works at the Institute of International Education in New York as director of membership and higher education services and as managing editor of IIE Networker Magazine. IIE collects national statistics on international students in the United States and U.S. students studying abroad.

Tony Curtis, MA ’00, is posted at the U.S. Embassy to Eritrea as the chief U.S. liaison officer. He previously was posted at the United States embassies in Ethiopia and Rwanda.

At the Institute of International Education, Aimee R. Fullman, BA ’00, is the senior program coordinator.

A professor of corporate finance at the Universidad de Lima, Peru, Rosario Kaneshiro, MBA ’00, co-developed “New Tools for Studying Network Industry Reforms in Developing Countries: The Telecommunications and Electricity Regulation Database,” a publicly accessible database for the AEI-Brookings Joint Center.

While working as a Fulbright Fellow in Jordan, Charles Kiamie III, BA ’00, met Rasha Al-Ali, a geneticist; they married on Dec. 15.

Naoya Seguchi, MBA ’00, is principal of the mergers and acquisitions unit, financial services division, of Mitsubishi in Tokyo.

For three years, Nicole Willis-Grimes, MA ’02, served as a congressional liaison with the Bureau for European and Eurasian Affairs at the U.S. State Department. She now works as the public policy manager at the Ferraro Group in Reno, Nev., which specializes in government relations, media communications, and public affairs.

Alessandro Arbore, PhD ’03, has become an assistant professor at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.

A civilian employee of the U.S. Army, Erick E. Arnell, MA ’03, organizes the repairs of equipment returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. He is married to Karalee Arnell.

A Peace Corps health volunteer in Botswana, Karla Fuentes, BA ’03, focuses on activating community responses to HIV and AIDS, including increasing testing rates for the AIDS virus and working to prevent viral transmission from mother to child. Previously, Fuentes worked for the Landmine Survivors Network, an international non-profit organization in Washington.

In September, Kelly Miely, BA ’03, moved to from San Francisco to London as a merchandise planner with Gap, Inc.

U.S. Air Force 1st Lt. Jeffrey Primus, BA ’03, flew relief supplies to victims of the earthquake in Java. He is stationed at Yakota Air Force Base near Tokyo.

Retired from the Navy, John Sagi, MS ’76, PhD ’03, is a Fulbright Senior Scholar to the Russian Federation. He resides in Tatarstan, teaching business and e-commerce at Kazan State University. He also teaches business and technology as an associate professorial lecturer at GW.

Deborah Touboul, MA ’03, resides in Tel Aviv, Israel, working as assistant editor of the Middle East Review of International Affairs journal with the Global Research in International Affairs Center. Her article, “Francophone Internet Forums Shed Light on Issues and Concerns of Islamists in Europe,” was published in the Project for the Research of Islamist Movements, Occasional Papers Vol. 3 No. 6.

On the island of Vanatu in the South Pacific, Neely Dahl, MPH ’04, is serving in the Peace Corps.

Serving a two-year consular position, Brian Kressin, MS ’04, is a Foreign Service officer in Taiwan.

Micah Fisher-Kirshner, BA ’04, is a second-year master’s candidate at the University of California—San Diego’s School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, concentrating on international economics and China.

In Springfield, Va., Ryan K. Fitzgerald, BA ’04, is the business manager and travel coordinator for Middle East Television Network.

Celeste E. Suris-Rosselli, BA ’04, is studying at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She is an inter-university liaison and a member of the Federalist Society. She helped to facilitate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s visit to the university in February.

In February, Peace Corps member Omer Durd Jr., BA ’05, began service in the Ukraine.

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