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(Top, left to right) Jonathan Willingham, Spencer Cahoon, Alexis Brown, Daniel McNeely, and (bottom row, left to right) Talmadge Dowling, Sharmili Hazra, Lei Greenspan, and Ike Himowitz take on “The Bachelorette.”

By Laura Ewald
Photos by Abdul El-Tayef/WPPI

Dean Frederick M. Lawrence stars in the Law Revue’s opening number, “Law School Dean,” which was a parody of a Gilbert and Sullivan musical.

"One of the best ways to get to know a large number of students in a deep and sustained way is by interacting with them in the classroom,” Dean Frederick M. Lawrence told GW Law School magazine shortly after his appointment. Presumably, another good way to connect with students is to don a pirate hat and belt out show tunes. Formerly a member of the New York Choral Society, Lawrence joined the cast of the 27th annual GW Law Revue in February. This year’s show, Res Ipsa Ludifacator, “the thing mocks itself,” included parodies of classic musicals, boy band tunes, and pop culture.

In “I Wanna Get Paid,” Rob Wolcott, Bryan Metchell, Will Wilder, and Eric Koester emulate the Backstreet Boys.

“Law Revue is an opportunity to express our creativity while in law school. It also allows the community as a while to take a humorous look at the life of a law student,” says 2L Marissa Shuback, this year’s executive producer. “It takes a good amount of time and energy, but it is such a rewarding experience in the end.”

Lawrence’s participation was a treat for the Law Revue Executive Board, cast members, and the student body, Shuback says. “Before the show began, he gave a heartfelt inspirational speech to the cast,” Shuback says. “Every time I have seen him since then, he has been excited to discuss next year’s show and ideas for expanding Law Revue.”

Alumni Reception

Before the show, alumni gathered with Dean Lawrence, students, cast members, and faculty and staff, sharing Law Revue memories and discussing this year’s production. The reception was held in the Stephen A. and Barbara Tasher Great Room.

Graham Huston (left), JD ‘66, and his wife, Susan (right), with Kathy Lawrence, GW adjunct faculty member and wife of Dean Lawrence

William Driscoll, JD ’56, Nancy Washington, associate director of alumni relations, and Dean Frederick M. Lawrence at the alumni reception held in the Stephen A. and Barbara Tasher Great Room before the performance.

Brothers Dave Wetmore, JD ‘02, and 1L William Wetmore, with professor Steve Charnovitz