GW Law School painting of George Washington

What comes to mind when you think of The George Washington University? Our prime location in the heart of the nation’s capital? The fact that GW is currently a “hot” school for undergraduates? Perhaps our strengths in public policy, politics, international affairs, and law? What you’ll discover in GW Research is that there’s a lot more to us. Read more >>

On the cover: A MEMS device developed by doctoral engineering graduate Ioana Voiculescu, DSci '05

Photo by Julie Woodford

Mighty MEMS
Microtechnology brings much more to the table than its size.

The Myth of Aging
Professor Gene Cohen shows that older persons are not “over the hill.” They are truly “55 or better.”

The Darker Side of Sunlight
The threat of melanoma is not to be taken lightly.

An Urban Education
A new program targets the training needs of D.C.-area teachers.

Getting Out of the Ivory Tower
Technology transfer helps bring university inventions to market.

Global Innovation
Advances in science and technology cannot be handled by one country alone; they require international cooperation.

Protecting Cyberspace
Keeping computer criminals at bay.

On the Right Path
Undergraduate research fellowships give students the competitive edge.