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Summer Scholars Program Reborn

As a 1992 alumna of GW’s Summer Scholars Program, I was interested to read “Testing the College Waters” in your spring/summer 2005 edition. In its earlier incarnation, the Summer Scholars Program was a great opportunity for high school students not just to get a sample of college, but to spend a summer experiencing one of the world’s greatest cities. SSP ’92 certainly expanded my horizons, and I’m still friends today with people across the country with whom I shared those experiences. My career path eventually led me back to Washington and to GW as a master’s student. I was saddened then to learn that the program had been disbanded, and I’m delighted now to know that it has not been created from scratch, as your article suggests, but reborn.

Emilie Bruchon, MA ’01
Arlington, Va.

Another View from Maury Hall

The comments in by Neil Portnow, BA ’71, on the 1969 Maury Hall demonstrations resonated with my memory also (see “The Entertainers,” GW Magazine, spring/summer 2005). But my presence there and the focus were more practical. I was standing outside Maury Hall arguing with the demonstrators to not trash the offices as I had a paper inside I needed in order to graduate.

The image and response of those inside or hanging out the windows of Maury Hall has stayed with me and perhaps formed some of my views on life. The tone of the protestors was one of “we are doing this for you” and filled with arrogance. To this day I resent the implication that students/citizens are sheep requiring someone “enlightened” to lead. I and most others are very capable of making our own decisions, thank you.

Kearney D. Bennett, BA ’69
San Diego

Fulbright Updates

In the spring/summer 2005 issue, GW Magazine explored the merits of the Fulbright Program and introduced readers to a few of the many GW students and alumni who have participated in the program. Our listings were based on GW and Fulbright Program records. We appreciate hearing from people who have provided us with updates to those records of alumni and students who have received Fulbright Grants from 1990 to 2005:

  • Kathryn Mohrman, PhD ’82, International Education Administrators program in Japan and South Korea, 1992; department of government and public administration at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2002 to 2003

  • Barbara Balaj, MA ’83, PhD ’97, international affairs, Germany

  • Hilliary Creely, BS ’98, Germany

  • David Joseph Padilla, LLM ’79, several Fulbright grants, most recently named 2005-06 senior Fulbright scholar for the Philippines

  • Nicole Petsel, master’s candidate, Elliott School of International Affairs

All Write!

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