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Fewer Secrets,
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By Kristin M. Lord

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Cover illustration of (clockwise) Helen Thomas, Ted Leonsis, Bob Schieffer, Bernard Shaw, Marvin Kalb, Richard C. Hottelet, Larry King, and Wolf Blitzer by Darren Thompson

Writing: A Business, A Trade, A Life
By B.B. Whitebook
Alumnus Roy Hoopes has written more than 30 books in his multifaceted writing career.

A Dying Art
By Danny Freedman
In the age of MRIs, CT scans, and HMOs, the number of autopsies performed in hospitals continues to plummet, and many pathologists fear the autopsy may be dead. Some GW faculty members are trying to restart this heart of medical science

Prime Time for GW’s New Media and Public Affairs Building
Remarks by Bob Schieffer
The opening of GW’s new Media and Public Affairs Building brought together journalistic legends and information-age experts to kick off the University’s giant leap into the world of 21st-century media.

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